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Server Power Cords


Server power cords or Data Center power cords range from a variety of IEC plugs and connectors. These cords can be used to power your servers, PDU’s and UPS’s. They come in a variety of configurations and amperages used for different applications.

We have divided the Server Power Cords into 8 different categories based on the plug and connector combination. First, we have the standard jumper cables featuring the IEC C14/C13 and IEC C20/C19. Next, we have server power cords that have mixed configurations such as, IEC C14/C19 and IEC C20/C13. We also have IEC-60320-C15 power cords that are rated at a higher temperature or for hot conditions, IEC C14/C15 and IEC C20/C15. Next, we have all of the server power cords that come in a variety of COLORS for easy organizing. Last, we have our IEC locking power cords that come in many configurations, the Auto-Lock™. Browse our selection now and find the exact power cord you need. 

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