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Italy Power Cords

Though similar to other plugs used internationally in that it uses round live and neutral pins, the CEI 23-16 Italian Plug is easily identified by the in-line ground.

IMQ maintains the IMQ approval to ensure consistency and reliability in the power cord market. Our Italian power cords are divided into two types. Cords with One End feature exposed wire on the opposite end making them ideal for hard-wiring into appliances. Cords with Two Ends are used when the application you are powering has a built-in inlet for the connection.

Quail’s International Power Cord molds are tooled using state-of-the-art equipment and high quality thermoplastic resins. All of our Italy Power Cords feature solid stainless steel blades and boast the IMQ symbol symbol required for circulation within Italy and any countries that require the IMQ approval. To figure out what is the standard plug of any country, visit our International Cord Locator and select the country name you want.

The 8550 series is the flagship for Italy power cords.

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