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 BS 1363 UK10 To IEC-60320-C13
BS 1363 UK10
BS 1363 UK10

Item # Length Gauge # Cond Jacket Type Jacket Color Color Code     OD           Rating     Inventory Quote Buy
9650.0180.5m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9650.0240.61m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250V17 RFQ
9650.0360.91m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9650.0792m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250V171 RFQ
9650.0982.5m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250V1,208 RFQ
9650.098C2.5m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9650.098S22.5m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9650.1774.5m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9650.1804.57m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9650.1924.88m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9650.2406.10m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9650.3007.62m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9650.3368.53m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9663.0982.5m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9668.0240.61m1.0mm²3H05VV-F SHIELDED (YMH)BLACKINTERNATIONAL7.4 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9668.0982.5m1.0mm²3H05VV-F SHIELDED (YMH)BLACKINTERNATIONAL7.4 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9668.1183m1.0mm²3H05VV-F SHIELDED (YMH)BLACKINTERNATIONAL7.4 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9668.1774.5m1.0mm²3H05VV-F SHIELDED (YMH)BLACKINTERNATIONAL7.4 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ
9668.1804.57m1.0mm²3H05VV-F SHIELDED (YMH)BLACKINTERNATIONAL7.4 mm10A - 250V6 RFQ
9681.0982.5m1.0mm²3H05VV-FBLACKINTERNATIONAL7.0 mm10A - 250VCall RFQ

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