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Press Releases

New Product Press Releases

Check out the flyers below for our up-to-date information on all of our new products.


March 7, 2017

The PowerCube™ - 0760.W & 0761.W5

Quail Electronics would like to introduce a better way for you to power your devices. With everyone today having multiple items it is not always simple to charge them all at once. We have phones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, cameras, DVD players, wireless headphones and we all want them near us and charged at the same time. Now with these 2 amazing PowerCube™ options it is all possible. Welcome to the best and smallest socket multiplier...(read more)


February 28, 2017

NEW LED Q-Lock Extension Cord - 5315QLCLT Series

Quail Electronics is leading the way in the extension cord game with revolutionary locked and lighted cords. Drop that old extension cord now and move over to the Q-Lock®: The #1 Locking Extension Cord. Equipped with an LED in both the plug and connector you will always know you have power, even in those dimly lit areas! With a quick glance you can see the LED shining bright... (read more)


November 14, 2016

NEW Green Lighted Hospital Grade Auto-Lock Power Cord - 0310.120ALGLT

Hospital environments are fast paced areas where people are constantly buzzing up and down the hallways. With time being limited and crucial, medical professionals need to know that the area they are using is safe, especially with secure power. Quail Electronics is always using the strongest material and highest standards with their Hospital Grade power cords and now has decided to take that dedication to quality a step further with developing a lighted Hospital Grade Auto-Lock power cord...(read more)


November 2, 2016

NEW Retractable Locking Reel - QL5000 Pro Series

Engineered for industrial use or less strenuous applications, Quail Electronics, Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of our NEW ultimate, most reliable, long-lasting Retractable Reel; also known as the QL 5000 Pro... (read more)


August 9, 2016

NEW Rotating Auto-Lock Power Cord - 5510AL Series

To save space and achieve a secured connection, our Auto-Lock family continues to grow – now, with the 360° Rotating NEMA 5-15P Plug... (read more)


August 9, 2016

NEW Rotating Q-Lock Extension Power Cord - 5511QL Series

Wouldn't it be nice if all of your power cords knew exactly how to stay connected and rearrange themselves? Now, Quail Electronics, Inc. offers the best of both worlds with the greatest extension cord. Providing space-saving and secure connectivity, this extension cord features the 360° Rotating Plug and our unique Q-Lock locking receptacle... (read more)


July 19, 2016

NEW Lighted Auto-Lock Hospital Grade Power Cord - 0310ALLT Series

Quail Electronics, Inc. is excited to introduce the New Lighted Auto-Lock Hospital Grade power cords. With the medical industry being a vital aspect of humanistic infrastructure, the medical equipment used must meet the highest of standards in powering mission-critical machinery... (read more)

Argentina's New Plug Name: IRAM 2073:2009


Argentina's national standards body, IRAM, has changed the standards of its power cords. The Argentina standards have updated from the IRAM 2073:1982 to IRAM 2073:2009. All Argentina cords will comply with the new standards. Quail Electronic's Argentina 9000 series and other Argentina series will be updated with a new name of the plug. The plug will be changed from "IRAM 2073:1982 ARGENTINA" to "IRAM 2073:2009 ARGENTINA". You can email or call our friendly staff with any questions: (800) 669-8090.

Part Numbers            Power Cords            30 October 2015
9000.098 (Argentina to C13)
9002.098 (Argentina to C19)



The Universal 3500 Series has a New Approval – CCC!


1 July 2015

The popular 3500 series is now approved for China with CCC approval. Currently Quail Electronics has the only IEC-60320-C14 to IEC-60320-C13 jumper cable on the market to be internationally and domestically approved. Our 3500 series power cable now carries UL, C-UL, VDE and CCC approval. That means you can take it all over North America, Europe and China without every having to switch a thing. The 3500 series is traveling the globe!

Contact our sales department if you have any inquiries about our 3500 series. Call us at (800) 669-8090 or email us at sales@quail.com.


NEW! Introducing Angled Auto-Lock Connectors

Quail Electronic's now offers our Auto-Lock® in angled versions. This includes IEC-60320-C13, IEC-60320-C15 and IEC-60320-C19 connectors. All three come in left, right, up and down angles with many different configurations available. Some of the part numbers are below and more options are available. If you do not see what you need please contact our sales department and we would be happy to help you find it.


Part Numbers            Power Cords            11 June 2015
3514.079AL (C14 to C13 Right Angle Auto-Lock®)

4910.079AL (5-15P to C13 Right Angle Auto-Lock®)

8501.098AL (Euro Schuko to C13 Right Angle Auto-Lock®)

5244.079AL (C14 to C13 Left Angle Auto-Lock®)

5022.072AL (5-15P to C13 left Angle Auto-Lock®)

5299.098AL (C20 to C19 Right Angle Auto-Lock®)
5130.098AL (5-20P to C19 Left Angle Auto-Lock®)


The Auto-Lock® now has SAA Approval for Australia

10 June 2015

As of May 22, 2015, our 8530 series now has SAA Australian approval for the Auto-Lock connector. You will be able to see the new SAA symbol as well as the file number printed on the connector. Contact Quail Electronics today for more information on the all of our Auto-Lock power cords.

Part Numbers            Power Cords            11 June 2015
8530.098AL (Australia to C13 Auto-Lock®)

8530.120AL (Australia to C13 Auto-Lock®)


UL is Asking for new Markings on Power Cords

26 January 2015

As of July 1, 2015, all UL Listed power supply cords will be required to show the appropriate mark on the plug. UL List will have 3 separate markings depending on the region. One for a UL mark for the USA, another for a C-UL/UL mark for the USA and Canada, and another C-UL mark just for Canada. This mark will provide assurance knowing your power cords are UL Listed.

Please note that ALL UL Listed power cords that were manufactured before July 1, 2015 will not need to show the mark and they are still UL Listed approved. At Quail Electronics we are currently changing over all of our power cords to implement this new requirement.


IEC-60320-C15 AUTO-LOCK®


NEW! Introducing the IEC-60320-C15 Auto-Lock®

17 July 2014

Quail Electronics is proud to announce the newest addition to the IEC Auto-Lock® family. We are now offering the IEC-60320-C15 Auto-Lock®! Ideal for high temperature settings and for devices generating high amounts of heat, the C15 Auto-Lock® will be available with various plug types and have UL, C-UL and TUV approvals. Contact Quail Electronics today for more information on the IEC C15 Auto-Lock® and all of our Auto-Lock power cords.


IS 6538 India Plug
New RCM Compliance Marking

Australia's New Power Cord Marking

7 May 2014

There is a new marking on the plug that supplements the Australian standard for approving electronics in Australia and New Zealand. 

As of March 1, 2013, The Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) and the New Zealand Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) consolidated regulatory certifications for electrical equipment to the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). On that same date,  manufacturers were required to register in a national database for medium and high safety risk electrical equipment. RCM complies with the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) standards.

The new RCM regulatory compliance marking is supplementing the existing SAA approval entity, the standard compliance for the import and sale of electrical equipment, accessories and appliances in Australia and New Zealand.

Quail’s 8530 Australian plugs and 3500 International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) jumper cable series will include the new RCM markings just above the unit’s file number.



IS 6538 India Plug

New IS 6538 India Power Cord

Quail Electronics would like to announce our new India power cord. Previously our 8580 series was used both in South Africa and India but now the two are parting ways. India has developed a standard for their plug which now needs CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) approval. The plug is still the same pin configuration as South Africa but the markings for the approval will be different.

Previously Japan had gone through the same situation when they switched from UL to PSE. The plug is still the same as the US Nema 5-15P standard but now Japan requires their own PSE approval.

The new India power cord is our 9840 series featuring a C13 connector with CII approvals. You can find this cord under our International Power Cord page and through our International Cord Locator. The cord can also come in a variety of configurations with the India plug. If you need something custom with the India plug you can always talk to one of our helpful sales representatives. Quail Electronics offers a wide range of International power cords so call us today at (800) 669-8090.

Part Numbers            Power Cords            22 April 2014
9840.098 (India to C13)


GB 15934-2008 China Plug
GB 15934-2008


China's New Plug Name: GB15934-2008

The CCC (China Compulsory Certificate) has changed the GB standard name of the China plug. The CCC is a compulsory safety mark on products that are domestically sold or imported into the Chinese Market. Formally known as “GB2099”, the plug will now be referred to as “GB15934-2008”. The plug name has been derived from the announcement of newly approved national standards back in 2009.

Currently when searching for Chinese power cords you will still see the plug referred to as “GB 2099” but more people are now adopting the new name. Quail Electronics will have both names referred to on their website so there will be no confusion. For example, you can see this on our 8590 series as well as the 8591 series. Email or call our friendly staff with any questions: (800) 669-8090.

Part Numbers            Power Cords            18 March 2014
8590.098 (China to C13)
8591.098 (China to C19)


NEW! Russia changing GOST marking to EAC.

In early 2013 the GOST R certification came to end and it was no longer being issued. The new certification for Russia, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan is the Customs Union Technical Regulation. The Customs Union was started in 2010 to make it easier to transport goods in and out of the 3 countries.

The CU TR certification by EAC certificates and declarations will be the new standard for the 3 countries and an EAC logo will now be displayed. This new single certification can be used to replace GOST R, GOST K and STB. Those certifications will still be in effect until March 15, 2015 but Quail Electronics power cords, such as the 8500 series and the 8510 series, will currently be displaying the EAC marking. No need to worry when you see something different!

Part Numbers            Power Cords            11 March 2014
8500.098 (Straight Schuko)
8510.098 (Right Angle Schuko)


New UL62 Regulation Update

For many years, Quail Electronics has had the mission and purpose to provide our customers with the power cord industry’s highest quality products.  For over 25 years, our quality control has been unmatched across OEM lines, and we place emphasis on staying current with the newest standards.  Recently, UL—the approval body for North American Power Cords—has released new requirements for Universal Wire types.  Now, Quail is proud to announce that we are compliant with new UL measure 62, requiring designation of North American wire gauge to match European standards.

UL 62 has the biggest impact on Universal Power Cords, specifically our 3500 series.  Universal wire types like on the 3500s are manufactured using materials that conform to both European requirements and American requirements.  Because of this, the specifications concerning cross sectional area of the actual copper leads are measured in both metric (mm²) and AWG (American Wire Gauge).  UL 62 defines new standards as far as what AWG measurements should match what metric measurements so that collaborating products across international markets is easier for project managers, and more beneficial for consumers.

The new standard UL 62 simply requires that cross sectional ratings of North American wire gauges (mm² size) meet the minimum standard for International wire types.  For example, since wire at size 1.0 mm² is slightly larger than 18 AWG, the new designation will be 17 AWG.  The new and updated standard now follows these guidelines:

American Wire

Size (mm²)

Amp Rating

Amp Rating













As always, our friendly staff is standing by to assist you with any of your Universal Power Cord orders.  Should you have any questions about how this new standard might affect your product line, please feel free to reach us at (800) 669-8090.  We are always happy to bring you the premium power cords you expect from the #1 OEM cable source!

All New Dual Approved Cords for Japan & Taiwan!

For several years now, Japan and Taiwan have been using similar electrical standards and identical plugs and connectors, but were offered as separate power cords, due to different approval bodies. If your products were being marketed to both Japan and Taiwan, you would have needed 2 power cords. Isn't there an easier solution?

Look no further, Quail Electronics is proud to introduce a new line of Dual Approved Power Cords specifically designed for those markets! We are able to combine both approvals into 1 cord that will feature a dual marking of BSMI (for Taiwan) and PSE (for Japan).

Quail's BSMI and PSE approved power cords open the door to global markets!

3 New Power Cord Configurations

We are pleased to offer 3 complete configurations among the most popular international power cords:

Part Numbers
2000.098 Japan/ Taiwan to C13
2008.079 Japan/ Taiwan 2C to C7
2020.079 Japan/ Taiwan to C5

(Mouse over the pictures to see enlarged view)

Rotating Power Strip Combines Practicality with Innovation!


The Rotating Power Strip by Quail Electronics is the number one solution for saving space, especially when dealing with bulky adapters and chargers! 6 swivelling outlets have a 180 degree range of motion to allow you all the room you need for your electronics! There are 2 lateral fixed outlets, and all together the 8 sockets are rated for 1800 Watts of workload!

Saves Space and Time!
8 Surge Protected Outlets!
Makes Organization Easy!
Best Power Strip Available!

The special 360 degree Rotating Plug offers the unique advantage of being able to swing the power strip from one side to the other, letting you choose the precise manner in which you install your electronics! Other power strips just use a regular straight plug, and furniture can push against it and damage the power cord! The half inch Rotating Plug, however, lays flush with floor moulding and chair rails, and prevents damage from occurring!

Low Profile Rotating Plug!
Heavy Duty Construction!
6 Rotating Outlets (2 Fixed)!
X3MOV Surge Protector!

The Rotating Power Strip also features a Cable Management System, which clamps down on loose wires to keep them out of the way! Never worry about having to unplug everything just to make room for one device!


Rotating Power Strip
Part Number
Number of Pivoting Outlets
Number of Fixed Outlets
Max Output
1800 Watts
LED Surge Indicator
Fireproof X3MOV
Surge Protection
Power Switch
Joules of Surge
Clamping Voltage
Max Spike Amps
(Lifetime Rating)
Response Time <1 nanosecond
Circuit Breaker Rating 15A
EMI/RFI Removal 40 decibels
PDF Specs

Check Out our New Product Video!
12 Sept 2012

New!!! European Power Cords with Korean Approval!

The 8500 and 8510 series power cords only featured European approvals, but now have the KETI approval for Korea! Now, our most popular International Power Cords have increased marketability, and our power cords destined for Korea have more approvals than ever before!

We are now offering these European / Korean Power Cords featuring the KC Approved CEE 7/7 European Schuko and the IEC-60320-C13 in two styles: the straight plug and the right angle plug.

Part Numbers            Power Cords            24 Feb 2012
8500.098 (Straight Schuko)
8510.098 (Right Angle Schuko)

Inmetro Brazilian Power Cord

The Brazilian standards agency, Inmetro, has recently adopted a new plug configuration, based on the SEV 1011 Swiss model. The former style, prior to 2009, was based on the UL, C-UL approved Nema 5-15P, but is now considered the “old-style Nema 5-15P type.” All of our Brazilian plugs carry the Inmetro approval.

Part Numbers            Power Cords            27 Oct 2010

Retaining Clamps

We developed our Retaining Clamp accessory to prevent unintentional disconnection of devices. The clamps are strong and easy to install, all you need is a screwdriver. They fit snugly onto several different IEC-60320 configurations, including the C13, C14, C19, and C20.

Part Numbers            Cable Restraint Systems            12 Oct 2010

Lighted Hospital Grade Cords

Lighted Hospital Grade Plug "Let there be light!" A unique feature that will brighten your day! Quail Electronics, Inc.® is now providing the specialists of the medical field with an additional option. Many applications are used in a dimly lit environment, and sometimes knowing if the connection is on is capital information.

Part Numbers            Hospital Grade            6 Sep 2010


Safety-Lock Device

Quail Electronics, Inc.® announces the new Safety-Lock system of cable retention. The Safety-Lock system provides a tactile and secure method of ensuring a safe connection between the power cord and the equipment. This system has been designed primarily for the medical and networking industries which require uninterrupted continuity. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Part Numbers            Safety-Lock            19 Aug 2010

Rotating Power Strip

The Rotating Power Strip makes use of several clever features to make the most of your space. The rotating Nema 5-15P allows you to angle the cord away from the wall in any direction, while the cable management clamps allow you to tuck away trailing wires. There are also 6 outlets that utilize contact plates to get 180 degrees of rotation. Now, your AC/DC converters won’t hog all the space!

Part Numbers            Safety-Lock            30 July 2010

Molded Locking Nema Plugs and Receptacles

Quail Electronics, Inc. ® offers the most common NEMA Locking Plugs, and Receptacles in a sleek molded configuration.

Part Numbers            Safety-Lock            8 July 2010

IEC 60309 Molded Plugs and Receptacles

The IEC 60309 standards dictate the use of plugs and connectors for high voltage applications in the international market. Quail Electronics, Inc. ® carries several of these designs in an array of configurations.

Part Numbers            High Voltage            15 June 2010

Hospital Grade Power Strips

Our power strips have been designed and tested for grounding reliability, assembly integrity, strength, and durability. They are approved by UL and C-UL. We now can supply fully approved hospital grade power strips with either 4 or 6 outlets.

Part Numbers            Power Strips            7 June 2010

Rotating Nema 5-15P

The Nema 5-15P Rotating Plug lends adaptability to the user with a pin configuration that spins 360 degrees. The low profile design fits easily into any space, making this plug especially useful in your home office.

Part Numbers            North American Power Cords            16 May 2010

International Medical Grade Cords

Quail Electronics, Inc. ® is proud to introduce the Clear Plug International Power Cords for every region of the world so that the Medical and Dental OEM can offer consistency within their product line regarding the power cord.

Part Numbers            International Power Cords            4 April 2010

Asia/Pacific Rim

Australia 8628.098
China 8599.098
Japan 2022.098



Continental Europe 8626.098
Denmark 8548.098
Italy 8642.098
Switzerland 8638.098
UK 9688.098


Middle East/Africa
India/South Africa 8641.098
Israel 8643.098



South America

Argentina 9008.098