Quail Electronics
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Value Added Services
Quail Electronics, Inc.� offers a variety of services to customize your product:

Custom Terminations

We can utilize a variety of configurations to assist your assembly and use.

custom terminations

Special Features

cord grips
Cord Grips
Coil and store your power cord
rocker switches
Rocker Switches
Control your application
at the flick of a switch

strain relief
ain Relief
Give your product maneuverability
ferrite structures
Ferrite Structures

Reduce Electromagnetic Interference

shielded jackets
Shielded and Double Shielded Jackets
Provide current cleaned of Electromagnetic Interference

light emitting diodes
Light Emitting Diodes
Visually confirm continuity from your power source

safety lock
Safety Lock Device
Give your electronics an added dimension of security
safety lock
Quick Release
Make your configuration easily interchangeable

Custom Colored Jackets

We can combine dyes with the PVC compound to produce stunning and vivid results!

colored jackets
colored jackets

custom packaging
Quail Electronics, Inc.� is happy to work with you regarding packaging methods.

Utilize the standardized Hospital Grade Label
to meet manufacturer specifications.


Ask us about custom labels. Place your trademark
where it can be easily seen.
Custom packaging makes your product stand out,
while custom barcode labels make
your inventory easy to access.

Do you have special packaging requests?
We can help develop your project to suit
the needs of your market.


For different size products, we use different packing methods.
Tell us how we can help configure your product according to your needs.