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Seal Electrical Connections with
our NEW Weatherproof Extension Cord Protector!


extension cord protector


The 0777.CP Weatherproof Extension Cord Protector seals electrical connections and stops them from pulling apart. For everyone who uses extension cords outdoors and around water, at home or at work.

Water and electricity don’t mix, so don’t take any chances when working outdoors. Contracting, cleaning, setting up events and parties: the 0777.CP keeps yours connections sealed from dust and storm. Powerful jaws lock the cords together so the power stays on. Molded from Lexan Polycarbonate it seals cords up to 1/2" diameter.


It's tough, it's rugged ... it works!




Ingress protected to NEMA 3X (IP55)

Worry-free outdoor use in dusty, wet and wild conditions - UV resistant materials

Accepts 12 gauge leads (1/2”)

Regular and thick, heavy duty contractor’s cords are sealed and secured

Automatic cord restraint

Automatic anti-disconnect mechanism that acts on the cord not the plug for extra safety

Security loop

Allows unit to be locked closed with cable tie or padlock, which can be attached to chain

Hanging hook/loop

Eliminate trip hazards - folds flush when not in use - use for point-of-sale display

Clear housing

Check power-on lights and connection while closed

Two automatic housing latches

Strong, simple and fast closing and opening

Impact resistant to IK09

Extra tough for contractor and commercial use





Part Number

$36.99 EA




Ultimate Green Light Hospital Grade Auto-Lock®



Hospital environments are always fast paced areas where people are constantly buzzing up and down the hallways. With time being limited and crucial, medical professionals need to know the area that they are using is safe especially with secure power. That is why Quail Electronics is always using the strongest material and highest standards with their Hospital Grade power cords. Now Quail has decided to take that dedication to quality a step further with developing a lighted Hospital Grade Auto-Lock power cord. Our Hospital Grade cord is not only equipped with the signature Green Dot but also a bright green LED molded into each end.


In developing this new cord, Quail has moved away from that red indicator light and wanted to give their customers peace of mind with the bright green LED. Green has always been synonymous with safety and there is no better place to represent that than a hospital environment. Now when you see the green light glowing you know your power is safe and secure. Also, with the additional security of the #1 IEC Auto-Lock® you know your power will stay strong.



Gauge: 18

Jacket: Grey SJTW

Plug: NEMA 5-15P Hospital Grade

Connector: IEC-60320-C13 Auto-Lock

Rating: 10A/125V

Approval: UL, c-UL




Part Number




These New Green Lighted Auto-Lock Hospital Grade cords are now available in a 10' length. If you would like a custom length, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department for more information.