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Value Added & Packaging

Custom Terminations

Quail Electronics offers a variety of terminals for special use.


Our standard ROJ on cords is 2 inches. You also have the option for tinning the ends.

Special Features

Strain Reliefs

Inline Switches

Quail Electronics understands that not all standard, out of the box cords work for every application. Our sales team is happy to work with you and design the custom configuration you need. We offer a variety of options from ferrites and shielding reducing EMI or an inline switch for easier on/off capabilities. Look at the list below to see more options.


  • Cord Grips

  • Rocker Switches

  • Strain Reliefs

  • Ferrite Structures

  • Shielded and Double Shielded Jackets

  • Light Emitting Diodes

  • Safety Lock Devices

  • Quick Release Plugs and Connectors

  • etc...

    Talk to one of our sales reps today so you can start designing your customer power cord.

Cord Grips

Quick Release

Custom Packaging & Labels

Custom Jacket Colors

Need special packaging for your cord? Quail has a variety. We can box, bag and label. We can print custom designed labels using your unique bar code. Scanning and tagging these into your system is easy.


We can combine a variety of dyes to create vibrant jacket colors. Or give us a Pantone Color and we will match it.