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ROJ to IEC-60320-C19
Item# 0136.300
25' H05 1.5mm2 B C19 TO ROJ



  • Our 0136 series features an ROJ with the IEC-60320-C19 Connector.
  • These International IEC power cords have the internationally recognized VDE approval which means any country will accept them as valid and registered commodities.
  • These IEC power cords are recommended for PDUs, servers, and UPSs. The supply end hard-wires directly into your device, while the female end connects to any device or appliance that has an IEC-60320-C20 inlet.
  • An ROJ, or Removed Outer Jacket, is the result of stripping the exterior jacket from the power cord and exposing the conductors for the purpose of hard-wiring the cord into your equipment. Our standard ROJ includes the removal of 2 inches (51mm) of jacket and of 1/4 inch (6mm) of conductor insulation.
  • The 0136.300 carries the European, SEV, OVE, KEMA, and CEBEC approvals and is rated at 16A - 250V.