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IEC-60320-C14 to IEC-60320-C13 AUTO-LOCK
Item# 3500.024AL



  • This variant of our 3500 series features the standard IEC-60320-C14 Plug with the IEC-60320-C13 Auto-Lock™ Connector.
  • The Auto-Lock™ C13 is an internal mechanism that holds the pins of the C14 Plug or Inlet to keep your device from being accidentally unplugged! These components are sturdy yet unplug with ease whenever you want to remove the power cord!
  • Referred to as Universal Power Cords, these cables have the unique distinction of being tri-rated since they carry the UL, C-UL and VDE approvals. That means these cords are approved for use in domestic North American markets and for use internationally. Quail Electronics is proud to be the only producer of truly universal power cords.
  • These Universal Jumper Cords feature the standard IEC-60320-C14 Plug which usually connects to a power distribution unit (PDU) and then to a cabinet or rack-mounted server using the IEC-60320-C13 Connector . The 3500 series of power cords are available in varied lengths, allowing you to clear space for airflow, maintain an unobstructed exhaust port, and increase the life and operational capacity of your equipment.
  • These IEC power cords are the standard Jumper Cables (or Network Patch Cables) used for servers, networking equipment, and telecommunications equipment. Other applications include monitors, computers, printers, scanners, TVs, and sound systems, and any devices or appliances that have the IEC-60320-C14 inlet. The plug end connects to any C13 outlet or connector, and this could be considered an extension cord since it extends the range (length) at which you may power your components.
  • The 3500 Series of Universal Jumper Cords was affected by recent UL 62 Updates. Formerly, they were specified as 18 Gauge/ 1.0mm² wire, but now they have been updated to 17 Gauge/ 1.0mm² wire.
  • The 3500.024AL carries the UL, C-UL, and VDE approvals and is rated at 10A - 250V.