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IEC-60320-C14 to IEC-60320-C19
Item# 6257.024N
2' 16/3 SJT B N C14 TO C19



  • Our 6257 series features the standard IEC-60320-C14 Plug with the IEC-60320-C19 Connector.
  • These IEC power cords are the standard Jumper Cables (or Network Patch Cables) used for servers, networking equipment, and telecommunications equipment. These are ideal for powering PDUs, servers, UPSs, and many more devices and appliances which use the IEC-60320-C20 inlet. The IEC-60320-C14 plug connects to any C13 outlet or connector.
  • This series of power cords is available in varied lengths, allowing you to clear space for airflow, maintain an unobstructed exhaust port, and increase the life and operational capacity of your equipment.
  • The 6257.024N carries the UL and C-UL approvals and is rated at 13A - 250V.
  • This North American power cord can also be used in the following countries:
     Bahamas  Jamaica
     Barbados  Laos
     Belize  Mexico
     Canada  Micronesia
     Cayman Islands  Nicaragua
     Costa Rica  No. Mariana Island
     Cuba  Palmyra Atoll
     Dominican Republic  Panama
     Ecuador  Peru
     El Salvador  Philippines
     Guam  Puerto Rico
     Guatemala  Thailand
     Haiti  Venezuela
     Honduras  Virgin Islands