GB 15934-2008 CHINA 16A
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GB 15934-2008 CHINA 16A to IEC-60320-C19
Item# 8591.168
14' RVV 300/500 1.5mm2 B I CHINA TO C19



  • Our 8591 series features the standard, 3-prong, GB 15934-2008 16A Chinese Plug (Former GB 2099) with the IEC-60320-C19 Connector.
  • These Chinese power cords are the standard cords used for networking, laboratory, and communications equipment. They connect on one end to the standard Chinese wall outlet and on the other end to PDUs, servers, and UPSs or any device featuring a C20 inlet.
  • The 8591.168 is a Chinese power cord that carries the CCC approval and is rated at 16A - 250V. This cord is China RoHS compliant. It is indicated with an additional cord label displaying the "e" symbol.