GB 15934-2008 CHINA 2
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GB 15934-2008 CHINA 2 to IEC-60320-C7
Item# 8594.048
4' RVV .75mm2 B CHINA TO C7



  • Our 8594 series features the 2-prong, GB 15934-2008 Chinese 2 Plug (Former GB 2099) with the IEC-60320-C7 Connector.
  • These 2-conductor Chinese power cords are standard cords used for laptops, notebooks, stereos, game consoles, electric razors, and many more devices. On one end they plug into any new style 1-15R type Chinese wall outlet, and on the other they connect to any device using the IEC-60320-C8 Inlet. The IEC-60320-C7 is also referred to as the Figure-8 connector.
  • The 8594.048 is a Chinese power cord that carries the CCC approval and is rated at 2.5A - 250V. This cord is China RoHS compliant. It is indicated with an additional cord label displaying the "e" symbol.