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CEE 7/16 EURO 2
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Item# 8649.197
5M H05 1.0mm2 RETB EURO 2 TO EURO 2 RECE



  • Our 8649 series features the standard, 2-prong, 2 Conductor European Plug (CEE 7/16) with the European Receptacle 2.
  • These 2-conductor European extension cords are ideal for connecting devices, appliances, and electronics that use the European 2 Plug to a power source. On one end, these cords plug directly into any European wall outlet or power strip, and on the other, the receptacle connects to any European 2 Plug.
  • Extendable/Retractable cords feature wire that has been wound and molded to have a spring-like ability to maintain its shape. These cords are useful on appliances that require mobility.
  • The 8649.197 is a European power cord that carries the European, GOST, and SEV approvals and is rated at 2.5A - 250V.
  • This European power cord can also be used in the following countries:

     Albania  Lithuania
     Andorra  Luxembourg
     Angola  Macedonia
     Armenia  Madagascar
     Aruba  Madeira (Portugal)
     Austria  Majorca
     Azerbaijan  Mali
     Balearic Island  Martinique
     Belarus  Mauritania
     Belgium  Moldova
     Bolivia  Monaco
     Bosnia and Herzegovina  Mongolia
     Bulgaria  Morocco
     Burkina Faso  Mozambique
     Burundi  Neth.Antilles
     Cambodia  Netherlands
     Cameroon  New Caledonia
     Canary Islands (spain)  New Guinea
     Cape Verde  Niger
     Central African Republic  Norway
     Chad  Okinawa
     Comoros  Paraguay
     Congo, Democratic Republic of  Poland
     Cote d'Ivoire/Ivory Coast  Portugal
     Croatia  Reunion Island
     Curacao Island  Romania
     Czech Republic  Russia
     Djibouti, Republic of  Rwanda
     East Timor  Saint Pierre & Miquelon
     Egypt  Senegal
     Equatorial Guinea  Serbia & Montenegro
     Eritrea  Slovakia
     Estonia  Slovenia
     Ethiopia  Somalia
     Faeroe Islands  Spain
     Finland  Suriname
     France  Svalbard (Norway)
     French Giuana  Sweden
     Gabon  Syria
     Germany  Tahiti
     Greece  Tajikistan
     Guadeloupe  Togo
     Guinea  Tunisia
     Guinea-Bissau  Turkey
     Hungary  Turkmenistan
     Iceland  Ukraine
     Indonesia  Uzbekistan
     Iran  Vatican
     Kazakstan  Vietnam
     Krakozhia  Yugoslavia (former)
     Latvia  Zambia